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DPF Cleaning

Ecological DPF cleaning

Ecological DPF Cleaning and Engine Decarbon

We specialise in ecological engine cleaning for any combustion engine. Because we only use water to create hydrogen gas to decarbonize your engine and exhaust, our system is eco-friendly. There are no harmful chemicals used or released to the environment. In fact we help you to contribute to a cleaner environment by cleaning all the nasty carbons collected in vehicle engines and exhausts over the years.

Our Decarbonizing and Particle Filter (DPF) cleaning machines will reduce smoke emissions and improve overall engine performance without having to replace expensive parts.

Our subsidiary – OxyHydro was set up to help millions of motorist suffering from numerous catalytic converter and particle filter problems, MOT failures due to poor emissions, poor fuel consumption, and all types of engine performance issues because of carbon build up.

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Streat Motors was established in 1967 as a family run business to fulfill the vision and purpose of helping motorists.

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